Payroll, Payroll Record Keeping, and Payroll Reporting

If handling payroll has been a major burden on the time you have available to focus on your business, then consider hiring BCA Bookkeeping to handle all your payroll needs. From system setup to record keeping and reporting, we’re here to make sure your payroll is processed correctly and on time.

Payroll Doesn’t Have To Be a Burden on Your Time

Regardless of the size of your business or the number of employees you have, you are legally responsible for keeping accurate and up-to date payroll records, and accurately reporting payroll to a variety of governmental agencies. You are required to file numerous periodic reports, such as the 940, 941, L&I, State Unemployment…the list goes on and on. It can feel overwhelming at times, and it can take valuable time away from doing what you do best… growing your business! This responsibility is compounded if you have employees in more than one state.

BCA Consulting can set up a seamless, secure, paperless payroll system that will take the worry out of payroll and give you piece of mind. If you are trying to find more time and have less hassle please contact BCA Consulting for a free 1 hour consultation. In order to maximize the value of your time and to ensure you’re in full compliance, let BCA Bookkeeping set up and manage your payroll system for you.

Payroll Services That We Offer

  • Set up of a seamless, secure, paperless payroll system (including direct deposit) that takes the worry out of payroll, and gives you peace of mind.
  • Payroll processing and administration, including paid time off and sick leave.
  • Tracking Medical, 401(k), and Safe Harbor deductions, including company matches.
  • Input and maintenance of all payroll records for all employees.
  • Creation and filing of all periodic reports, including: New Hire Reporting, 940, 941, L&I, State Unemployment, W-2 and W-3, etc.

Payroll is a necessity when you’re running a small business. Accurate and timely payroll reporting, as well as compliance with local labor law is required to avoid penalties and interest.

If handling payroll, payroll record keeping, payroll reporting, and compliance is taking valuable time out of your available work hours, then you owe it to yourself and your business to bring in BCA Bookkeeping to handle all of your payroll needs.

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